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GECCO 2009 submission deadline

Yup, that time of year is coming around again. The 2009 Genetic and Evolutionary Computing Conference (GECCO 2009) is going to be held in Montreal, Canada. The paper submission dead line is January 14, 2009. Xavier on Google+

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Yes, GECCO 2008 was intense!

Yes, I disappeared from my blog during GECCO 2008. Yes, I started blogging about the International Workshop on Learning Classifier System 2008 held on Sunday 13 at GECCO 2008. The workshop was terrific. Lots of new ideas were presented, but more importantly, lots of

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ILWCS 2008 live

The 11th edition of the International Workshop on Learning Classifier System 2008 is hot. So far a lot of idea exchange and interesting discussions. So far Gilles Enee, myself, Natalio Krasnogor, Albert Oriols, Thyago Duque covering map problems, encoding language and model building,

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Leaving for GECCO 2008

Yup, I am just packing on the run. Should get to Atlanta late afternoon or early evening. Wish me luck :D  A bit of information about the city provided by Wikipedia Atlanta (pronounced /ətˈlæntə/ or /ætˈlæntə/) is the capital and

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ICEIS 2008: Blogging summary and final strings

If you are looking for a list of the related blogging done during ICEIS 2008 just follow this link. During Sunday morning I run into Angel A. Juan, an assistant professor at Open University of Catalonia (UOC), interested on analyzing online teaching efforts and

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ICEIS 2008: Final sprint and Ricardo Baeza-Yates

This is the final sprint for ICEIS. I have been mostly focusing on posters this morning. It his hard to pick one up. I would just say that there was some interesting work on personalized recommender systems—paper 219. But as

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ICEIS 2008: A cloudy Sunday in Barcelona

The morning started with Jean-Marie Favre and his invited speech about “Software languages through the ages”. Quite an eclectic presentation that was quite a bit thought provoking. Some excerpts out of his amalgam of concepts: Human kind is defined by

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ICEIS 2008: Slow afternoon and Moira Norrie

This afternoon has been quite slow. My path 340, 348, 495, 612, 193, and 467. The key slower of the afternoon has been the fact that for each of the session there has always been a missing presenter. May be

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ICEIS 2008: First Friday afternoon session

I attended four papers (you can check the abstracts of Friday papers here): paper 304, 323, 538, and 434. On of the paper has nobody to present it. There were quite a bunch of interesting ideas. I just want to

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