Assignment 3: Out of the Rut

Another week, another photography assignment extracted from Harold Davis article series Becoming a More Creative Photographer. The third assignment reads as follows: Your assignment: Wait until you are feeling no inspiration and stuck in a rut. Choose a single lens, set it at a single focal length, and use aperture-preferred metering to choose one f-stop. […]

Assignment 2: The Common Object

In “Assignment 1: Photograph a Reflection” I started taking on the assignments that Harold Davis proposes in Becoming a More Creative Photographer. The second assignment reads as follows: Your assignment: Pick an everyday object where you live. Make your mind a blank and forget everything you know or associate with the object. Try to see […]

Une Tournure D’Esprit

I still do not own a copy of Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s The Decisive Moment. It seems hard to get a decent copy at a reasonable price. However, Philippe Halsman‘s The Creation of Photographic Ideas has been on my shelves for quite a while now. In the book opening, Halsman defines creativity and imagination as une tournure […]

Jacques Henri Lartigue

I always thought that if I wrote about photography I would likely be about some of Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s photographs that I cannot shake off. Instead, I am writing about the first picture that got me puzzled to the point I needed to know how. How Jacques Henri Lartigue took such a grasping photo. The photo […]

Revamping My Blog

I have been away from my blog for quite a long time. I have barely posted anything compelling in the last three years. Most of the updates were the sporadic announcements to ACM SigEvo’s GECCO conference, but event that was spotty at best. Yes, like everybody else, I gravitated toward social media (pick your favorite […]

GECCO 2012 Deadline Extended to January 27

Is that time of year. Rushing to get your papers ready for GECCO 2012? Here are some good news. The deadline has been pushed back to January 27 to help those last minute pushes :). You can find more infomaion at the conference website or you can follow GECCO 2012 updatse on Twitter (, Google+ (+GECCO, […]