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Yet Another cGA Implementation, Now in Haskell.

A year ago, I mentioned that I always write a cGA implementation when I learn a new language. Then, I was trying to get back to fluent in Haskell. A couple of days ago, Martin Pelikan just did the same

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cGA, Parallelism, Processes, and Erlang

Back in Fall 2006 I was lucky to be at the right place, at the right time. Kumara Sastry and David E. Goldberg were working to pulverize some preconceptions about how far you could scale genetic algorithms. As I said,

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Yet Another cGA Implementation, Now in Erlang.

Wanna have some Sunday afternoon fun? Just refresh your Erlang skills. Since this is me having fun, what better way to do so than to write yet another implementation of the compact Genetic Algorithm originally (cGA) proposed by Georges Harik?

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Meandre 2.0 Alpha Preview = Scala + MongoDB

A lot of water under the bridge has gone by since the first release of Meandre 1.4.X series. In January I went back to the drawing board and start sketching what was going to be 1.5.X series. The slide deck

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GAssist and GALE Now Available in Python

Ryan Urbanowicz has released Python versions of GAssits and GALE!!! Yup, so excited to see a new incarnation of GALE doing the rounds. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Ryan has also done an excellent job porting UCS, XCS,

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Scaling eCGA Model Building via Data-Intensive Computing

I just uploaded the technical report of the paper we put together for CEC 2010 on how we can scale up eCGA using a MapReduce approach. The paper, besides exploring the Hadoop implementation, it also presents some very compelling results

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Fast REST API prototyping with Crochet and Scala

I just finished committing the last changes to Crochet and tagged version 0.1.4vcli now publicly available on GitHub ( Also feel free to visit the issues page in case you run into question/problems/bugs. Motivation Crochet is a light weight web

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Meandre is going Scala

After quite a bit of experimenting with different alternatives, Meandre is moving into Scala. Scala is a general purpose programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. This is not a radical process,

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Temporary storage for Meandre’s distributed flow execution

Designing the distributed execution of a generic Meandre flow involves several moving pieces. One of those is the temporary storage required by the computing nodes (think of it as one node as one isolated component of a flow) to keep

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