One talk and a visit to UK

September 21 I was invited to give a talk at the Computer Science Department at UIUC. During the talk “Combating User Fatigue and Contradictions in Subjective-based Optimization Schemes” I reviewed some of the research I have been involved about active interactive genetic algorithms. The PDF of the presentation can be downloaded here. I also gave […]

Innovation and creativity support via chance discovery, genetic algorithms, and data mining

by Xavier Llorà and David E. Goldberg, Yukio Ohsawa, Naohiro Matsumura, Yuichi Washida, Hiroshi Tamura, Masataka Yoshikawa, Michael Welge, Loretta Auvil, Duane Searshmith, Kei Ohnishi, and Chen-Ju Chao (2006). New Mathematics and Natural Computation, World Scientific, pp. 2(1):85–100. Link to the Journal publication.