Scaling eCGA Model Building via Data-Intensive Computing

I just uploaded the technical report of the paper we put together for CEC 2010 on how we can scale up eCGA using a MapReduce approach. The paper, besides exploring the Hadoop implementation, it also presents some very compelling results obtained with MongoDB (a document based store able to perform parallel MapReduce tasks via sharding). […]

Soaring the Clouds with Meandre

You may find the slide deck and the abstract for the presentation we delivered today at the “Data-Intensive Research: how should we improve our ability to use data” workshop in Edinburgh. Abstract This talk will focus a highly scalable data intensive infrastructure being developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Application (NCSA) at the University […]

Scaling Genetic Algorithms using MapReduce

Below you may find the abstract to and the link to the technical report of the paper entitled “Scaling Genetic Algorithms using MapReduce” that will be presented at the Ninth International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA) 2009 by Verma, A., Llorà, X., Campbell, R.H., Goldberg, D.E. next month. Abstract:Genetic algorithms(GAs) are increasingly […]

Liquid: RDF meandering in FluidDB

Meandre (NCSA pushed data-intensive computing infrastructure) relies on RDF to describe components, flows, locations and repositories. RDF has become the central piece that makes possible Meandre‘s flexibility and reusability. However, one piece still remains largely sketchy and still has no clear optimal solution: How can we facilitate to anybody sharing, publishing and annotating flows, components, […]

Data-Intensive Computing for Competent Genetic Algorithms: A Pilot Study using Meandre

Below you may find the slides I used during GECCO 2009 to present the paper titled “Data-Intensive Computing for Competent Genetic Algorithms: A Pilot Study using Meandre”. An early preprint in form of technical report can be found as an IlliGAL TR No. 2009001 or the full paper at the ACM digital library