Assignment 8: New Looks of Noir Textures

Catching up with the list of assignments proposed by Harold Davis article series Becoming a More Creative Photographer. The eight assignment is all about new looks.

Starting with a place you know very well, find a way to “slip through the cracks” so you are looking around you with new eyes. Create a photographic image that conveys what you are now seeing.

Making The Ordinary Visually Appealing

I have seen so many pictures of the Bay Bridge. Dawn, high noon, dusk. From San Francisco. From Treasure Island. From a car on the upper deck. From a car from the lower deck. Cloudy. Sunny. Foggy. You name it. Also, most of them show its long and majestic span. Shoot from San Francisco. Shoot from Treasure Island. Yes, I have shot those too. So how to get something different that “slipped through the cracks”? Umm…

…Umm. How can you trap a new look out of the ordinary? Cars and ships, the main purpose of a bridge. Also shoot to the excess. I started thinking about the rolling fog and the mysterious uncertainty veil that brings. Extend that further by an elongated exposure that erases the obvious and leaves the peculiar. Add those at night and the image is not about a bridge anymore, is about dancing lights painted by ships and cars around pillars and ramps. Add those at night and the image is about intriguing noir textures.