Assignment 7: Improving Mistakes

Another week, another assignment down the list extracted from Harold Davis article series Becoming a More Creative Photographer, seventh assignment, improving mistakes.

Your assignment: The next time something goes wrong with a shoot, grab the problem, turn it into a possibility, and make it the basis of a photograph.

Making The Ordinary Visually Appealing

Auto-focus, that friend that gets it right most of the time, kind of. Yes, I am guilty of usually relying on autofocus most of the time, mainly as a way to remove one var out of the equation. You can chose where you want the auto-focus easily and the camera does the rest. Mostly. There is a scenario where it always goes wrong. You have a composition where you have objects in the far back and an object in front which you look through. Most of the time, your friend auto-focus will decide to focus on the background, likely because it covers most of the frame. So how would the moment in time if I choose the other option?

You get something intriguing. A fence to something uncertain. A fence that dilutes the clear-cut and turns it into an image of interpretation. The changed focus trap an eluding reality giving it a transcending quality. It makes the dirt and unfinished lines into textures. It also turns non-exciting lights into puzzling flares of unknown dusk. I am wondering if it could improved further with another mistake, over/under exposure. Maybe for the next round of experiments. Endless possibilities for improving mistakes.