Assignment 6: Making The Ordinary Visually Appealing

I had the assignment done last week, but I was a bit busy and I could not put it out. Enough excuses, the assignment from the list extracted from Harold Davis article series Becoming a More Creative Photographer, sixth assignment, or making the ordinary visually appealing

Your assignment: Pick something that you’ve looked at often, and that you think is visually boring. Now, let go of your preconceptions about your subject. Study it carefully. Find something you haven’t observed before about it, and make an interesting image using this new aspect of your subject.

Making The Ordinary Visually Appealing

I was a bit uneasy with this one for a bit. Something I look often. Something that I see everyday and it do not even bother anymore to consider appealing. I just realized that there are so many thing around that I just do not even consider them photographically interesting. Dead wrong. I just realized during this assignment that each object, path, light are just a chance for getting a fleeting moment crystallized into a unique snowflake. Also, the more I tried to get a new view of the object I see everyday and found uninteresting, the more puzzled I was about what should I use as an ultimate shoot.

Eventually I gave up and stop thinking about what object I should shoot. A couple of days later, I was playing with the camera and the focus mechanisms slowed down to the point I took a pretty blurry shoot of my shoe. That was a pretty boring picture, but the blur turned the picture into a collage of colors. There, I grabbed my camera and went down and shot a few pics totally out of focus. The above photo is what it came out. Not something I would have thought about shooting consciously. And yes, I added a few tone corrections and grain to the final image.