Revamping My Blog

I have been away from my blog for quite a long time. I have barely posted anything compelling in the last three years. Most of the updates were the sporadic announcements to ACM SigEvo’s GECCO conference, but event that was spotty at best. Yes, like everybody else, I gravitated toward social media (pick your favorite poison here).

I spend quite a bit of time thinking what I wanted to use my blog for. Should it be the same kind of blog? Should I change it under the hood? Should I give it a golden retirement since it seems I have no stories to share anymore? Then in the mist of all this unanswered questions, I realized I wanted my blog to be what it has been all along. It is whatever I need it to be. Yes, some thoughts are faster to share on ephemeral social media outlets, but there are things you want to keep around longer. Hence, I decided to start a face lift as part of this renewed path. Talking about look and feel, I kept it pretty similar as you may have realized. No big changes, mostly layout updates, removing as much clutter as possible, a bit of font sprinkling here and there, but eventually trying to keep it pretty much the same. I guess that I like the cozy feeling of it feeling familiar.

However, one thing I decided to change, after people I care deeply kept insisting that I should, was to build a more permanent home, as I mentioned earlier, for those moments you want to keep around long after the social media rapid timing has digested them into oblivion. Curating photos into gift wrapped packages you find while window shopping was one of those itches that help drove change. As a result of it, you may now see a ‘Photo Stream‘ top main menu entry. It is a running stream of some of the photos I share on my G+ profile. Under this running photo stream, you will find soon some of those gift-wrapped packages containing some of the photos I cannot shake away. Today, I am adding one. Make sure you check it out.

Will this revamping of the blog make me post more often? That is another story.