IWLCS 2010 – Discussion session on LCS / XCS(F)

I just got an email from Martin Butz about a discussion session being planned for IWLCS 2010 and his request to pass it along.

Hope all is well and you are going to attend GECCO this year.

Regardless if you attend or not:

Jaume asked me to lead a discussion session on

“LCS representations, operators, and scalability – what is next?”

… or similar during IWLCS… Basically everything besides datamining, because there will be another session on that topic.

So, I am sure you all have some issues in mind that you think should be tackled / addressed / discussed at the workshop and in the near future.

Thus, I would be very happy to receive a few suggestions from your side – anything is welcome – I will then compile the points raised in a few slides to try and get the discussion going at the workshop.

Thank you for any feedback you can provide.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


P.S.: Please feel free to also forward this message or tell me, if you think this Email should be still sent to other people…

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