Transcoding NIGEL 2006 videos

Last week Pier Luca Lanzi was visiting IlliGAL. Yesterday, before he left for Chicago, we went for one last brunch.  He mentioned that he liked a lot the videos we shot during NIGEL 2006. Thinking about it we agreed would be useful to recover the videos and upload them into some of the usual video sharing site suspects. Currently they are hosted, for long term storage purposes, at NCSA’s web archive. I spent sometime retrieving them from the archive (they are pretty fat and encoded in wmv) and I stated transcoding it in m4a. My plan? Make them available via Vimeo and LCS & GBML Central. Also, I will be uploading the presentation slides to SlideShare and also make them available via LCS & GBML Central.

Update: The first two videos (Wilson and Goldberg) are already available at LCS & GBML Central.

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