Meandre: Semantic-Driven Data-Intensive Flows in the Clouds

by Llorà, X., Ács, B., Auvil, L., Capitanu, B., Welge, M.E., Goldberg, D.E. (2008).

This paper has been accepted at the 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science. An early draft of the paper can be found as IlliGAL technical report 2008013. You can download the pdf here. More information is also available at the Meandre website as part of the SEASR project.


Data-intensive flow computing allows efficient processing of large volumes of data otherwise unapproachable. This paper introduces a new semantic-driven data-intensive flow infrastructure which: (1) provides a robust and transparent scalable solution from a laptop to large-scale clusters,(2) creates an unified solution for batch and interactive tasks in high-performance computing environments, and (3) encourages reusing and sharing components. Banking on virtualization and cloud computing techniques the Meandre infrastructure is able to create and dispose Meandre clusters on demand, being transparent to the final user. This paper also presents a prototype of such clustered infrastructure and some results obtained using it.