GALE is back!

Yes, with the new update of the website GALE was unreachable for a while. Here it is the original code again. Please, take a few minutes to read this post. Hope you find it useful. Enjoy 😀


GALE (Genetic and Artificial Life Environment) is fine-grained parallel genetic algorithm for data mining. Its main contributions are simplicity and its knowledge-independent model. The simplicity of GALE relies in its fine-grained parallelism based on spreading the population (feasible solutions to the classification task) over a 2D grid. Thus, artificial evolution can be easily modeled in terms of neighborhood relations. These neighborhood relations define GALE as a massive parallel evolutionary model. On the other hand, GALE does not constrain the knowledge representation. It can evolve indistinctly rules, instances, partially defined instances, and decision trees (orthogonal, oblique, and multivariate based on nearest neighbor).

Where can I found more information about GALE?

GALE, as well as some results achieved using it, had been published on workshops, international conferences, and books, among others. I strongly suggest that if you are trying to use GALE for any purpose first read some of the papers that explain it. I would suggest that you check the proceeding of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) from 2001-2005, the books from the International Workshop on Learning Classifier Systems (IWLCS) from 2001-2005, and a two book chapter in Multi-Objective Machine Learning and Applications of Learning Classifier Systems.

Can I use GALE?

GALE is distributed under GNU GPL license for educational purposes. If this is not your case, please contact

Download & documentation

The current release of GALE is version 0.9alpha. This release is written in Java, being some parts rewritten or removed, for educational purposes. Not all the current GALE knowledge representations and functionalities are included. As you see, it is an alpha, thus, it is possible that it still has some bugs that I have not fixed, yet. If you find some, please send them to I will be happy to patch them.

The main source of documentation about GALE source code is in the reference manual. In the distribution file you will find the following stuff:

./README ->  A file with a little information.
./COPYING ->  The GNU GPL license.
./INSTALL ->  Some installation issues.

->  The source code of GALE (.java files.)

->  The binaries of GALE (.class files.) You can run it using java -jar

->  The reference manual.
./data/ ->  This directory contains some training data.
./cnf/ ->  Some examples of configuration files are provided here.

Distribution files

Finally, here you can find GALE distribution files. Remember that you accept the terms of the GNU GPL license described above (you can find a copy inside the distribution file).

gale_0.9alpha.tar.bz2 (389Kb)
gale_0.9alpha.tar.gz (394Kb)
gale_0.9alpha.tar (675Kb)

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