The innovation pump: Supporting creative processes in collaborative engineering

by Xavier Llorà and David E. Goldberg (2006).
IlliGAL TR No 2006011. Link to the PDF.

The pervasive expansion of computers and Internet has change the way people collaborate. Terms such as cybercollaboratories are getting traction in day-to-day work. Web boards, blogs, e-mails, and instant messaging have become {\em de facto} mainstream communication channels. People scattered across the globe collaborate thanks to such technologies to carry out their daily work. Creative processes—such as collaborative engineering—have also taken advantage of such new communication media. This paper reviews the new framework set after these technologies and presents how collaborative creativity and innovation can be modeled and supported using computational models. The paper continues presenting a innovation-support model based on the usage of genetic algorithms as computational metaphors of human innovation. The paper also briefly discuses the results achieved using the proposed technologies in real-world collaborative creative processes.